Combine strategy and Maths and conquer the world



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OpenFracas is an strategy game where randomness disappear from the match. When playing Risk, Fate and randomness are very important, but when you play OpenFracas, the victory when trying to conquer a territory is not decided by dices, but by the number of troops in the territory and the ones nearby.

The result of the battle will be the result of adding and subtracting the defendant and attacker troops. If you don't have enough troops, you won't be able to attack.

You can play OpenFracas versus up to six players, humans or controlled by the PC, individually or in teams.

OpenFracas also includes a map generator that allows you to create a new map according to three different aspects: land, water and islands, and of course enlarge or reduce the size of the board. IF you want to play on real maps, it includes a world map and an Europe Map.

The goal is to create a big Empire and conquer all the territories in the map. By the way, the music is really good.
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